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Module 1

Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher Training: October 7-12, 2019; 9:00AM-6:00PM


Module 2

Post-Natal Yoga Teacher Training: October 15-18, 2019; 9:00AM-6:00PM


Pregnancy and childbirth is a journey of life that transforms women spiritually, physically and emotionally. This specialized and comprehensive Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond Teacher Training will equip and empower the aspiring teacher with knowledge, research and skills to effectively, safely and confidently teach Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Yoga to women in all stages of pregnancy, labour and beyond.

Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond Teacher Training is brought to you by YOGAHIVE in partnership with Prana Yoga KL. Prana Yoga KL is the first and (currently) only Yoga Alliance Registered Pre-Natal Yoga School (RPYS) in Malaysia. The Lead Trainer for this Program, Angeline Liew, has developed this program after having attended numerous global trainings and studied from the best in the industry, and from her personal experience of teaching over 2000 expectant and post partum moms since 2008. This intensive and immersive Teacher Training comes from a place of selfless sharing, experience, scientific research and knowledge, and is suitable for Yoga Teachers who wish to enhance their professional skills, and acquire a specialist teaching accreditation with Yoga Alliance International.


Angeline Liew is the Principal Teacher-Trainer, Director and Co-Founder of Prana Yoga KL, in Malaysia. She is a Yoga Alliance RYT500-ERYT200/RPYT/YACEP instructor and was trained in 2008 in Mysore (India), under Yogacharya Bharath Shetty, as well as with proficient teachers like Yogacharya Ramesh Kumar (Mysore), Edward Clark (UK), Paul Grilley, Dr Jean Byrne, Michelle Papa, and Dr. Sarah Duvall. She holds a 500Hour Certification in Hatha Yoga from Indea Yoga, 500Hour Certification in Tripsichore Vinyasa Yoga (UK), and 100Hour Yin Yoga Certification. Angeline has completed her Mat Pilates teacher training, and is also a Mindful Birth Teacher from The Yoga Space Perth, a Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, and the first Yoga Alliance Accredited PRE and POST Natal Yoga Teacher Trainer in Malaysia.

Angeline teaches Vinyasa Flow, Hatha Yoga, Pre and Post Natal Yoga, Yin Yoga, Myofascial Release and Yoga Therapeutics, focusing on spinal care. Her teaching style infuses an authentic and classical approach to yoga, based on personal exploration, and the energetic alignment of body, breath, prana and mind. Her passion is to make yoga accessible to practitioners of all levels, and to help them live their best lives through the practice.

Apart from teaching workshops, trainings and retreats globally, Angeline is also very active in “Compassion for Action” off-the-yoga-mat projects, to create positive social and environmental change through her studio’s social enterprise, Pledge A Ringgit, which she co-founded with Raymond Lim in 2013.


1. To understand the relationship between Yoga and the Expectant Mom

2. To have in-depth knowledge of the Anatomy & Physiology of a pregnant woman, including the contraindications, physical, hormonal and emotional changes throughout pregnancy

3. To understand the Benefits of Yoga in Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond, and how to implement the theory of Optimal Fetal Positioning and facilitate Active Birthing Techniques in the practice of Yoga

4. To implement relevant, creative and powerful teaching methodology for a safe, fun, knowledgeable, supportive and beneficial practice space, that is beyond just ‘teaching yoga poses’

5. To effectively train teachers to deliver safe, interesting and creative class sequencing for different trimesters, with in-depth understanding of contraindications

6. To understand and apply Yoga Philosophy, Mindfulness, Meditation and Pranayama techniques in the teaching of Pre-Natal Yoga, as a conscious approach to natural childbirth and parenthood


1. To have in-depth knowledge of the Anatomy & Physiology for the Post Partum stage, including the effects of different birthing methods, the Pelvic Floor, Diastasis Recti, Hormones & Post Natal Depression.

2. To understand the Benefits & Importance of Post-Natal Yoga, with focus on Pelvic Floor dysfunction, correctly managing and rehabilitating Diastasis Recti, activating the Core Breath, Core and Back Strengthening, Spinal Care, and Restoration of Body, Mind & Spirit.

3. To effectively train teachers to deliver safe, creative, relevant and fun sequencing for various class themes and situations (including Strength, Balance & Flexibility, Props and Modifications for Contraindications & Injuries, Pranayama for empowerment and relaxation, Pelvic Floor toning, Diastasis Recti Rehabilitation, Trigger Point Myofascial Release & Yin Yoga for the New Mom)


This YTT is open to teachers who have completed and received their 200 Hours training certification from a yoga school, and practitioners who have a minimum of 5 years of yoga practice experience.
Some teaching experience is advantageous, although not mandatory.


Total Program Hours : 60 (45 Contact Hours / 15 Non-Contact Hours)

Program Hours : 45 (35 Contact Hours / 10 Non-Contact Hours)


You may choose to do ONE or BOTH modules.

* Trainees who wish to do the Post-Natal Yoga module MUST have a Pre-Natal Yoga teaching certification (proof of certification is requested). You may email a copy to yogahiveph@gmail.com

* Course Fees do not include Yoga Alliance registration and some books for written assignments for Module 1.


A Certification of Completion from Prana Yoga KL will be issued to the Trainee, for each module attended. The Trainee will be required to be fully present for all the Contact Hours stipulated in the module(s).

A 100 Hour RPYT Certificate from Prana Yoga KL will be issued to Trainees who have successfully completed both Modules, all the relevant assessments and exams. This RPYT Certificate can be submitted to Yoga Alliance to register as a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher. Only existing Yoga Alliance registered teachers can register for the specialized RPYT accreditation. Yoga Alliance requires 30 Hours of Prenatal Yoga teaching to register for RPYT, upon the completion of your teacher training (even if you are an existing Prenatal Yoga teacher).

For further information on RPYT registration, please go to www.yogaalliance.org


Reservation fee: PHP 10,000 (must be paid on or before July 30, 2019 to secure your slot)

Pre-Natal Yoga (Module 1)
Early bird rate (Until August 15, 2019)
YogaHive Member: PHP 46,000
Non-Member: PHP 47,000

Regular Rate (After August 15, 2019)
YogaHive Member: PHP 56,000
Non-Member: PHP 57,000


Post-Natal Yoga (Module 2)
Early bird rate (Until August 15, 2019)
YogaHive Member: PHP 40,000
Non-Member: PHP 41,000

Regular Rate (After August 15, 2019)
YogaHive Member: PHP 46,000
Non-Member: PHP 47,000

Both Modules
Early bird rate (Until August 15, 2019)
YogaHive Member: PHP 82,000
Non-Member: PHP 83,900

Regular rate (After August 15, 2019)
YogaHive Member: PHP 97,400
Non-Member: PHP 99,300

Payment Options:

Credit Card

via Bank Deposit

For inquiries and reservation, you may reach us thru the following: